Top 9 Droid Apps according to @danmtz

May 27, 2011
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Daniel Martinez (@danmtz) is an Internet Marketing Coordinator – UNT Advertising Alumni, SEO Ninja, Side Blogger, Social Media Enthusiast, Technology Nerd, and Dallas Sports Fan. Here are his most commonly used apps.

TuneIn Radio – Radio & Music

I like this app because it allows me to listen just about any radio station in the area, including those nationwide and online only. I’m a big sports junkie, so I thrive on sports radio. This app allows me to listen to my favorite DFW sports talk station all day while in the office. I love having this app when away from Dallas because I never stay out of the loop with my favorite stations.


Pandora® Radio

Like anyone else, I frequently get tired of what’s on my outdated iPod, so I love having the ability of getting a random mix of tunes depending on my favorite artist.


Netflix for Android

This app is fairly new to most Android users, but it’s especially great on the road, with no computer or TV around. Even on a smaller screen, Netflix delivers great content.



This has been my Twitter app of choice since getting an Android phone. Why? Because it gives me the full capability of any other Twitter app, while using less memory and offering a few other options when it comes to retweeting and displaying media. It also just looks good in black.

 Download for Android

This app has come in real handy lately when I stop nowadays. I buy a LOT from Amazon and the ability to look at a product’s comparing price on-the-fly is key. That way I can decide to buy there or order it online. I have the convenience of adding items to my wish list or cart and can order straight from the phone if need be. This is also great when I want to see reviews of something quickly before buying.

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I use Chrome a lot, both at work and at home. Very frequently, I need something from my computer to show up on my phone, whether that’s a site, directions or any content. The Chrome to Phone app quickly allows me to put that content from the computer to my phone within seconds.


GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas

Being frugal and with gas prices rising, I always want the lowest price I Can get. This app allows me to see gas stations around me, while giving me the most updated prices when I need them.



This may be a given for some people, but the Google Maps for Android is much more refined than that of the iPhone app. I can view 3D maps from any direction I want, to get precise placement of where I am and what direction I want to go. Many of the Google Latitude features also allow me to check-in or simply track my time in different areas. Not only that, but Google Maps for Android also features Google GPS Beta, which I believe is far superior to most common GPS devices. When I need to know where I’m going, I use Google Maps for Android.


Alarm Clock Plus★

This may be a simple alarm app to most, but I love the capability of how I set my alarms. I can use different tones for each alarm or set how they go off, but volumes, pre-timers, and how quickly they startup. It’s a little complicated to explain, but if you ever wanted the most out of an alarm clock, this app has it all.

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