Top 5 Android Apps about Insects

Oct 19, 2011
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I like insects, they are cool. Here are some “buggy” apps! đŸ™‚

Friendly Bugs Free L.Wallpaper

This is a cool LWP perfect for insect lovers with nature backgrounds and ladybugs and butterflies that crawl and explore them.


Bugs Circle

Similar to Fruit Ninja, in this came you draw a circle around specific groups of insects and it makes them grow, then do so again, etc. Fun, challenging, and great for insect-lovers.


Insects Memory Cards Game

A game of memory where insects are the object of memorization. Beautiful graphics, fun gameplay.


Screen Insects

Puts a superimposed insect on your screen which crawls towards wherever you touch. You can change the insects. Great for kids!


Splat Bugs – FREE!

This us a great addictive game which just involves squashing bugs on your screen at faster and faster paces. It has many sequels to entertain once you are finished.


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