Top 10 Most Popular Android App Lists of the Week: 12/23/11 | Android Apps

Top 10 Most Popular Android App Lists of the Week: 12/23/11

Dec 23, 2011
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1. Top Get Started Apps of 2011-2012

I am always looking for the next great thing to make life as simple as possible. I virtually do everything with my Android.

by PaytonSP



2. Top 10 Essential Android Apps: User Picks

Here are the top 10 Android apps most listed by users. A good list to share with new Android users when they ask what the must-have Android apps are.

by Shara Karasic




3. Free Android Christmas Apps for Gift Givers

I go crazy every Christmas. I start shopping really early and I buy for everyone! The problem: I need tools to help me keep track of my purcheses, who needs what, what to get, etc. Another problem: there aren’t too many apps out for christmas yet. Android is a little too new I suppose but for now, us early shoppers need some help. Here are more free apps from the cheapest person in the world (hehe) to help with your christmas shopping!

by SavvyMV

4. Top 5 Christmas Card Android Apps

Save some trees this year and send virtual Christmas cards! Here are some apps that will help you accomplish that.

by diablolita

5. Best Android Games of 2011

Here are the hottest Android Games of 2011!

by diablolita


6. Best Android Apps of 2011-1

These are my favorite apps of 2011. Note I made more than one list!

by diablolita


7. Make Calls for Free With These Android Apps

Got an Android phone laying around but no service? No problem! These Android apps will get you talking to friends and family, no cellphone provider required. Perfect for those traveling or for anyone who just wants to save some extra money.

by kcooper11


8. Top 5 Essential Apps of 2011

My must have apps to round out your Android – some solve a particular problem, others get a lot of use, and others just demo the value of Android.

by conts50

9. Best RPG Games Available for Android

I’m a huge fan of role playing games on the PC and consoles, so it’s only natural I flock to them on my phone. Here is my list of the best ones I have been able to find to date.

by VA1N

10. Android Virtual Pet Apps

When I was kid, I loved me some virtual pets. A little creature I could put in my pocket and take with me anywhere. This really was the start of my mobile device addiction. Tamagotchi, Digimon, and even their generic copies, I loved them all. Now, with my Android, I can get some of that old nostalgia back with these apps.

by Kyle Cooper


Plus: Best Free Christmas Ringtones

Get into the spirit of christmas by setting your ringtone to a certain holiday jingle with these free apps.

by Gabellini

Add your own list of best apps of 2011 and enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

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