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TiVo tops Android Apps of the Week

Jan 12, 2012

Connected TVs were a highlight at CES this week, so it’s not surprising to see so many media-related apps heading to the Android Market. This week brought the launch of TiVo’s Android app for managing your television programs and recordings, while DirecTV teamed up with Thuuz to offer sports alerts on the go. You can create your own video content with Vimeo’s new Android app, or get paid for being a couch potato with SwagBucks. Here’s this week’s top Android apps.

SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, has stirred up plenty of political controversy over the months, but the potential passing of this bill has gotten consumers particularly riled up. You can take your actions one step further with the new Boycott SOPA app for Android, helping you make your presence known beyond the digital world. The app has a bar code scanner that will check against a database of some 800 SOPA supporters, so you know who to boycott and who’s OK to do business with. Some companies, like major studios, are obviously more likely to support SOPA. But other companies may not be so easy to spot. Cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies are on the SOPA list, and if you’re serious about playing your part in this web-changing movement, the Boycott SOPA app could be a useful resource.

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