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These physics-based Android games have the perfect formula

Nov 9, 2010

While there may be no shortage of games available in the Android marketplace, there is a need for organizing the “″ app_id=”431287” target=”_blank”>Transporter Loc ($1.38)

Here’s another accelerometer-powered physics game, this time challenging you to drop cargo into a waiting rail car, then tilting your phone to deliver it safely to the waiting warehouse at the end of the line. Tilting your phone in the opposite direction will bring your locomotive back to the start, where more cargo awaits.

Along the way, you’ll encounter hills and valleys, which will force you to slow down or speed up. And therein lies the challenge – don’t lose your cargo!

The game feels more like a tech demo for the physics engine rather than a fully optimized game, but there’s enough here to introduce children to the basics of physics. In fact, it’s 100 percent child-safe and perfect for all ages.

That said, the game taxes older phones. If you’re an EVO user, or have a Droid sporting a newer (faster) CPU core, then Transporter Loc(omotive) will run smoothly. If you’re like me, your Droid 1 will barely be up to the task. Buyer beware!

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