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These NFL Android apps are worthy of Super Bowl glory

Jan 17, 2011

During the big game, why not keep your trusty Android device by your side and discover a handful of choice apps that might just make your Super Bowl viewing a bit more interactive and fun. And, if the game doesn’t hold your attention, or the thought of enduring Joe Buck’s inane ramblings makes you recoil in horror, well, you’ll at least have something else to focus on instead.

Countdown Widget and you can calculate the exact amount of time until the start of the new NFL season! Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 8 (contingent on the new collective bargaining agreement, naturally), by our reckoning that’s merely 215 days, 6 hours and 3 seconds away. Not that we’re counting or anything…

Heck, at least we can all be thankful that we won’t have to see Bill Belichick’s horrendous cut-off sweatshirts for a few more months.

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