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These Android strategy games will get you thinking

Feb 3, 2011

War never changes. It’s always the perfect backdrop for strategy games on your smartphone! Whether you’re into creating a civilization to conquer all others; carefully planning, placing, and executing perfect war maneuvers on Earth (or the moon!), or you’re into tower defense games, the marketplace has apps that are sure to scratch your strategy itch.

Tower Raiders GOLD is arguably the best tower defense app in the Android marketplace, leading players from easy levels to more difficult terrain and bad guys over time, and adding just the right number of new turrets to keep things interesting as play progresses. You start with an open playfield, with gray studded spaces to place turrets. A slate gray path is also laid out, which enemy units must travel in order to get to your stored crystals, then back out again. The aim of the game is to purchase and put turret-style gun emplacements in various locations in order to wipe out the enemy. As the levels progress, you’ll quickly begin to understand which turrets do more damage to various enemy types and which turrets need to be upgraded over time. Game controls are available to speed up or slow down the pace of the action, and zooming and panning is also fairly straightforward to keep everything in view. Don’t lose track of the enemy as they try to carry off your precious gems!

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