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These free Android apps help you get in shape

Oct 30, 2012

It wouldn’t be entirely good if you were just to sit around and play games on your Android phone all day. You need to get out and stretch those leg muscles every once in a while, and since there are hundreds of apps designed to enhance your workouts, you might as well take your Android phone with you! Today’s post covers some of the neat apps out there to help you get or stay fit. is a thriving online community for folks that are looking for activities in which to participate. While this app does not track your progress or monitor your heart rate, it will help you find things to do to help you get more fit.
The app is broken down into four sections. There is Read Articles, where you can read articles on a variety of topics. The Favorites section is where your bookmarked articles and activities will be listed for quick reference. The View Your Events section is where you can see what you have done. The main section is Activities. Here you can see what is going on around you. The app allows you to set the location, search radius, sort of date, and search specific types of activities. After you put in your criteria, a list will appear. Click on an item and a new window will open with the specifics. You can favorite the event, see it on the map, get more details, and many times register for it. The app makes it very easy to find stuff to do!

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Being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is too easy these days, with all of our technology to just sit around. So get out there, and let your Android phone help you!

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