These Android apps could be useful in an emergency | Android Apps

These Android apps could be useful in an emergency

Feb 14, 2011

Life is filled with frustrating, and sometimes terrifying, “″ app_id=”370409” target=”_blank”>Once, while picking up a friend from the airport, I locked my keys in the car while it was still running. The entire time I spent waiting for the tow truck to show up and jimmy the door open, I was afraid that I was going to run out of gas. If I had Viper SmartStart, I never would have had to go through that. This app allows drivers to remotely start their car, lock and unlock doors, pop the trunk, and more. Just know that this does take some forethought and requires a few things to be installed on your car. It sounds like installation of a system like this costs around $300, but if you lock your keys in your car often, it might be a good investment. If you’re interested, you can go to to learn more.

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