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The best ad-free Android apps for your little one

Aug 16, 2011

If it’s shiny, your toddler will find it and put it in his mouth. However, soaking your Android phone and making accidental international calls aren’t the only ways for a young child to entertain himself with the device. There are a whole bunch of apps in the Google Play store that can turn your phone or tablet into a colorful, interactive and educational toy. These ad-free books, games and apps can be used to soothe a crying child or keep him busy during a longer car ride.

Colors (Free)

The Five Pumpkin suite of Android apps for toddlers features a bunch of different free apps that teach ABCs, numbers, shapes and reading. All of the apps use flash cards to teach various concepts and were developed by a team of ex-Google coders. This collection is truly revolutionary in the way toddlers can learn about the world around them while using an Android-based smartphone. Colors by Five Pumpkin teaches your child all of the colors of the rainbow. The “favorites” mode allows you to highlight the colors that your child is stuck on and then cycle through them. The app also has a safety lock so that your little one doesn’t accidentally call up work or 911.

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