Tether, Orbitz lead Fresh Android Apps of the Week | Android Apps

Tether, Orbitz lead Fresh Android Apps of the Week

Nov 19, 2010

In this weeks Fresh Android Apps round-up, discover an app that enables you to get Internet access wherever you may be, Orbitz’s first foray into the Android Market, a great, free, visual news reader, and more.

Google has made some updates to its popular Sky Map app. Now, instead of just being an app dedicated to the current night sky, you can skip ahead or jump back in time to look at the stars on a given date.

See what the night sky looked like the day you were born or jump ahead and see what it will look like the day your baby will be born. You can also pick from a menu of key dates in history. Currently, you can only go forward to the year 2100 and back to the year 1900.

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