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Tax season is a breeze with these Android apps

Feb 7, 2012

Most of you have just received your tax documents from your employer in the past week, so now it’s time to get to the good stuff: your tax refund. There’s dozens of Android apps to help you along the way, from tax calculators to tracking services and other resources. Living in the smartphone era, there’s never been an easier way to manage your finances and stay on top of your taxes. TurboTax has already been updated for 2012, so are you ready for tax season?

Sometimes the most tedious aspects of tax season is digging through receipts and tracking expenses. Shoeboxed takes some of the burden off of you by organizing receipts for you. You can send in your receipts or take photos of receipts and Shoeboxed will enter the date, total, payment type, store and category on your behalf. And if you do this throughout the year, you’ll have a tidy, digitized report that’s ready for IRS submission with little extra effort on your part. It simplifies the process of tracking expenses, calculating deductions, and supports exports to QuickBooks, Quicken, FreshBooks and more.

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