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Tank Hero: Laser Wars ups the visuals at the expense of levels

Mar 21, 2012

While more and more mobile games are striving to be console-like, smaller arcade tittles other than Angry Birds still provide engaging and addicting gameplay. Developers Clapfoot Inc returns to their familiar forte with a sequel to the original Tank Hero: Laser Wars. With a new game engine, and a splash of neon color, Laser Wars continues the time wasting puzzle/action gameplay that I’m sure won’t be confined just to long lines alone and bus rides.

If you happened to play last year’s Tank Hero, then you’re in for a treat. Tank Hero: Laser Wars certainly improves on the original gameplay mechanic, if marginally. You’re still tasked with destroying enemy tanks, but with new power-ups such as energy shields and weapon upgrades, this sequel adds a new way to approach the opposing tanks. Environments continue to play a role, as the introduction of force fields adds a twist to the gameplay. While one force field may confine your tank, another stops your lasers trajectories, forcing you to plan strategically. You’ll find yourself hitting the restart button a number of times.

While the sequel improves a few aspects of the game, there’s a surprising lack of content compared to the original. Tank Hero contained a whopping 120 levels spanning three environments, while Laser Wars has roughly half that. Aside from campaign, the original also has three type of games mode, campaign, survival and time trial. Unfortunately, Laser Wars only comes with the standard campaign.

While the graphics won’t induce much jaw-dropping, its overhauled yet simple visuals, and the trail of neon howitzers only complements the miniature green Sherman tank that you operate.

Overall, while not a beefy package like the first, Tank Hero: Laser Wars packs enough addictive gameplay to warrant your download. Fans new to the series should check it out.

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