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Take aim with these great Android shooters

Nov 30, 2010

While there may be no shortage of games available on the Android marketplace, there is a need for organizing the “https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apple-store/idcom.requiem.armoredStrikeLite?mt=8″ app_id=”283747” target=”_blank”>Tank games are a dime a dozen in the gaming world, but I’m happy to report that Armored Strike Online is a totally original entry into this crowded field, offering up a turn-based strategy shooter that’s one part Worms and one part Death Tank.

You start on an uneven playing field, facing your foes. Choose your tank, kit it out with all available weapons (limited in the free version), then start firing at your enemies. You’ll each get a turn to try to damage each other, then switch weapons and continue to fire.

The controls are perfectly arranged to choose weapons, adjust your angle of attack, move your tank, and fire your ordnance. Plus, you can zoom in and out, and easily swipe left and right to view the entire play field.

At $3.99, the full game is expensive but – given its level of polish, perfect implementation and variety of levels, vehicles and weapons – there’s nothing to stand in your way of pure shooting enjoyment on your Android device.

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