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Take a trip around the world with the free CNNGo app

May 31, 2012

Do you consider yourself a worldly person? Even if you don’t but have a hankering to get to know the globe, you will love the free CNNGo app for Android. It’s a first class ticket and passport all in one that takes you to the far reaches of countries you have never been in the matter of seconds. Read stories such as “10 of the world’s best city beaches” and “Toast this trend: Hong Kong’s teaching wine shops.” Stories are complete with fascinating photos of people and places you won’t want to miss.

You can virtually take a trip around the world in a few minutes with the CNNGo app for Android. View stories and photos categorized neatly in sections by the latest stories filed, special sections, and based on regions of the world. If you are looking to monitor news based on a certain locale such as India, Singapore and more, you can easily set the home screen with a press of the button so that the app automatically opens where you want it too.

There is a handy search function if you are looking for news on something particular, and you can also conveniently share stories and photos you love via email, Facebook and Twitter. The app includes a quick link to CNN’s iReport function so you can file your own travel stories.

If you really need a vacation but can’t afford one right now, take a mental trip with the CNNGo app for some exotic fun!

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