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Tablet App for Kids!

Jul 14, 2011

I have a few kids in my life and have been amassing apps for them to play with on my tablet.

Draw! in landscape

I like to doodle and I have quite a few children in my life and as anyone with kids around them knows, a coloring book or piece of paper and some crayons are a useful tool to have in your back pocket.


Me Too! – Little Critter

I love books and reading them to kids is always something I love doing. This series of books is great for kids and the tablet gets them even more interested in reading! They love “turning” the pages.


Kid Mode: Free Learning Games

Great little “screen lock” that is packed with kids games. Good for kids 8 and under and it’s educational!


Star Chart

When you live out in the country you’re always followed around by stars. Late at night we’d sit up and gaze at the stars trying to find shapes that we could pick out and remember. This app will show you not only the line charts but a picture of the constellation as well. Super fun for late nights with kids.


Cut the Rope

Fun and kid friendly game where you’re in charge of feeding a freakin’ adorable little monster named “Om Nom” and making sure his sweet tooth is happy.
Easy enough for kids and silly and fun to keep them engaged. Total win for the hand / eye coordination.


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