Stunning maps make FlightTrack Free a great Android app for frequent flyers

Aug 15, 2012
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Are you a casaul traveler or do you fly constantly for work? Frequent flyers are all too familiar with the aches and pains of relying on air transportation. Canceled flights, last minute gate changes, and unruly weather can turn a simple trip into a disorganized nightmare. With FlightTrack Free for Android you change your fate as it pertains to air travel. This handy app gives you the most update information on your flight cancellations, scheduled delays, and even those vicious gate changes.

The FlightTrack Free app offers flight information for approximately 16,000 airports worldwide and about 1,400 airlines. That’s a lot of flights in the sky! The detailed flight maps on this app are absolutely beautiful. When you open the app, you can shake your smartphone to track a random flight. It’s a great way to tour the world for free! You don’t even have to get on a plane. I can see this feature of the app entertaining inquisitive children and even grown-up kids for hours at a time. So next time you are waiting for a loved one to arrive on a delayed flight, pull out the FlightTrack app and go on a free flight around the world while you wait.

You can track plans with an airline and flight number or simply search by route. Overall, this is one free app that you definitely want to download even if you only fly once a year.

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