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Streaming music app Raditaz hopes to beat Pandora at its own game

Jan 19, 2012

Amazon Cloud and iTunes Match make up the three big cloud-based storage services for users’ music libraries. There have never been so many options for accessing and listening to music on the Internet before, and as Raditaz joins the race, it’ll likely find it crowded.

But there’s definitely a lot of value in tying social aspects into music services – Spotify is seeing some real successes there with its Facebook integration – and Raditaz has new things to offer in that department. It also doesn’t have to beat everyone if it can beat just one competitor: Pandora.

The audience Pandora serves is necessarily different than that served by Google, Amazon, Apple and Spotify: these are users who want to discover new music they might like and enjoy not know what they’ll hear next. Raditaz is approaching the radio model of music streaming, and if it can establish its foothold there, it has the potential to catch on the way Pandora has.

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