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Stickman BMX is the least fun platformer I’ve played this week

May 30, 2012

There is certainly a place for side scrolling bike games out there, but I’m not sure Trial Xtreme), have shown us that we can have almost unlimited amounts of fun by riding a bike across a screen, but Stickman BMX is just too simple for my tastes.

The goal of this game, as with most phone platformers, is to get from one side of the level to the other while collecting something – stars and tokens, in this case. You must tap tap tap one button to pedal, and you jump with the other button. See? Simple.

You’ll ride down hills and up ramps and grind on rails, and you’ll jump over stuff. There’s not really anything more to it. In some cases, being that simple can be an asset, but here it just means you’ll get bored easily. Sure, this game can be challenging in spots, but it’s never really fun. You’ll run into a tree because you stopped paying attention to what you’re doing because you just don’t care. I never really felt like the ride mattered to me.

That said, this game is technically accomplished. It runs as smoothly as can be, and you’re not going to screw up because the game was poorly designed. There’s something to be said for that.

Ultimately, there are more interesting and fun uses for your time in the wide world of Android gaming, and I see no reason to venture into Stickman BMX.

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