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Steambirds: a steamin’ hot dogfighting game for Android

Nov 23, 2010

Have you heard of the sci-fi sub-genre called Steampunk? It’s the re-imagining of history where technology advanced faster than in our reality because of the creative application of steam power. Steambirds for Android brings the Steampunk concept to your phone in the form of an aerial war game. It’s cool… I mean, hot!

In Steambirds, steam-driven planes took flight in the early 1800s. Your mission: To fly these planes in dogfights against enemy fighters. If you shoot down your opponents without suffering too much damage to your own plane, you’ll move on the next level. The next level is later in history, closer to modern times, which brings more advanced aircraft and weapons.

The structure of the game feels simple but quickly becomes challenging and addictive. The view looks down from the heavens onto an aerial battle. The game is turn-based so you set up what you want to happen in the next turn, then tap the arrow button that shows you what happens in the next turn. Guide the flight of your fighter plane by tapping, holding, and moving a directional arrow extending out from the jet’s front. You don’t need to worry about shooting, if the enemy comes into range, your fighter shoots automatically.

If you suffer a hit, smoke will pour out the back of your plane. You can check the health stats of your jet by tapping the shield next to your directional arrow in between turns.

Overall, the gameplay soars. Dogfighting several enemy planes simultaneously will take all your concentration and strategy skills. It’s exciting to see what each new level delivers. I say check it out.

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