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Stay a step ahead of the weather with My-Cast for Android

Jan 9, 2011

My-Cast Weather Lite is not only a free app, but it’s a huge upgrade from, which is the pre-existing weather application on most Android devices.

Like the app, My-Cast Weather Lite gives you the basic rundown on current temperature and weather conditions, and then provides you with the forecast for the next few days. While still keeping things simple, the app goes on to give you an additional ton of useful information.

When you launch the app, you’ll notice a menu dotted with four different icons: “Current,” “Forecast,” “Maps” and “Alerts.”

“Current” provides basic weather conditions, but also lists the dew point, wind speed, humidity, pressure, what the air temperature actually feels like, the UV index, air-quality index, the record highs and lows for the day and time of sunrise and sunset.

“Forecast” gives you a detailed forecast for the day by the hour, the forecast for the remainder of the week — with highs and lows, details about wind speed and air temperature for daytime and overnight hours — and a chart that predicts the dew point, based on both time of day and day of the week.

“Maps” — smaller representations of the maps the weatherman walks you through on TV — gives you a time-lapsed look at weather patterns approaching your area. If you want to, you can zoom in and out of any map.

“Alerts” will warn you when the weather’s about to get ugly, and will describe just how bad things might get.

Perhaps my favorite feature on this app is the “Dashboard” option (you can find this under the menu key), which gives you all the weather tidbits you care about at a glance. You can specify which pieces of information available on the app are most valuable to you, and you can add them to the dashboard in the form of a widget.

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I love the fact that there’s so much information at your disposal through this app, and that it’s all organized carefully and in such a way that makes navigating very easy.

Another perk is that it’s so customizable. You can set it to have multiple locations, in case you travel often, or just want to know what the weather’s like somewhere else.

You can choose your own skin for My-Cast Weather Lite. You can make it weather-based, in which the skin changes with the weather, or you can choose a color from a drop-down menu.

This app is very interactive, easy to read and understand and fun to use.

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