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Spice up Instagram and texts with the Textgram app

May 8, 2012

Unleash your inner artist to make unique creations to share on social media with the Textgram app.

Have you ever had the perfect quote that you were dying to share on Instagram but had no way to make a pretty picture with it? That is what the Textgram app is for, it allows you to combine text with background images and upload them to your favorite social networks.

Of course, you can just text your creations to friends and family as well. You also have the ability to incorporate the usual text emoticons as well. This crafty app is perfect for sending one-of-a-kind birthday messages to stand out from the crowd!

There are a bunch of fun backgrounds to choose from to set the tone for your message. Do you have an idea for a cool background that the Textgram app is missing? Check out the app’s instructions for how to design a background of your own and submit for approval. So basically, the more users that make custom backgrounds, the more populated the app will become with fabulous backgrounds to pair with your original text.

The Textgram for Android app is free with advertisements or purchase it for a $1.49 with no advertisements. If you can handle a few annoying ads, then downloading the free version is probably going to be cool with you.

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