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Soccer Superstar game kicks out the jams

Sep 30, 2010

Break out the vuvuzelas, again! The World Cup might have come and gone, but soccer – yeah I know, football, but hey I’m from California – fever continues. Now you pass, shoot, and score from anywhere at anytime with Soccer Superstar for Android.

The game play is pretty frenetic. Watching some of the World Cup matches showed soccer can sometimes be slow-paced. But, in Soccer Superstar you sprint, kick, weave, and tackle your way around the field. I got tired after a few matches, and I was only moving my fingers.

Soccer knowledge helps. The game’s rules go deep with everything from offside penalties to yellow and red cards for overly aggressive defense. If you pay attention, you can actually learn soccer strategy. However, casual gamers might feel a little overwhelmed.

The match choices are dizzying. You can play an Exhibition game with your choice of two international teams. My League allows you to take a young player and grow him into a superstar throughout a season. Cup Mode mimics an international tournament. And, my favorite, Dramatic Mode, lets you re-live some of soccer’s greatest moments.

The free game has lots of options and playtime, but if you need more – and you have $1.59 – you can buy the full version, and get a bunch more time and special features, like player salaries. I say strap on some cleats, and download Soccer Superstar.

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