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Simply Hired Android app gets the job done

Feb 29, 2012

Need to find a job? No need to get off the couch, there is an app for that! Are you tired of hearing and seeing that phrase yet? The free Simply Hired app for Android is, well, really simple to use. Open the job search app and enter the job title you are looking for, skills you have, or a specific company you want to obtain a job at, and add a location to search jobs available throughout the U.S. It is that easy.

Each job listing has detailed information posted. But, it isn’t organized in any apparent manner and is slightly hard to read on a small Android screen. You can save your favorite listings to refer back to later, or even email the listing to yourself or a friend you think might be interested. There is a link to take you directly to the company’s website to apply, but it is kind of hard to navigate most job application websites on a small phone. It can be done, but it isn’t without annoyances. It’s probably best to use this app to look for job openings on-the-go and then look up on your computer or laptop to actually apply.

There really isn’t anything remarkable about this job search app for Android, it just gets the job done, which is ironically what you are trying to do. Good luck with your job search!

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