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Show your hand with these fun trading card games for Android

Jul 11, 2012

Recently, it was revealed that Rage of Bahamut was one of the Legend Cards (Free)

Legend Cards is a new game to Android but has been very popular in Japan. As with the other games you begin by choosing a race: human, machine or monster. The game is very similar to Rage of Bahamut, where you complete quests to level-up and collect more cards. You can battle others online, combine cards to create customized and more powerful ones. You follow a series of quests on the map to collect items. If you play Rage of Bahamut, then you will have a general idea on how to play. I found the tutorial to be too brief and it really did not explain a lot. The developer’s site was also no help. The graphics are nice with the human characters being anime-style women. As with the others, you can purchase more cards and special items within the app.

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