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Shooter fans unite!

Jan 21, 2011

Lets be honest folks; whether you started with Duck Hunt or Hogan’s Alley, Galaxia or Asteroids…we’ve all enjoyed playing shooting games.

They hold a soft spot for me in my childhood memories and here are some of the better ones I recommend you pick up and try on the Market today.

Sinister Planet

Still one of my classic favourites. The game has: realistic controls in space, upgrades to collect, tough enemies to shoot, planets to destroy, money to earn and gems to collect. It feels and plays like every classic arcade shooter you grew up with.



This shooter packs some real attitude as you dish out pain against the computer or friends over the network. Tons of planes to unlock, each with its own attributes. Lots of levels and planes to shoot. A fun game with an addictive edge to it.


MiniSquadron Special Edition

An incredible sequel to an already fun game franchise. Gray Fin Studios really packed more fun into this gem. The addition of a helicopter, 50 more planes to unlock, new weapons, more animals to shoot down and some fun orchestra music to intensify the battles.


Sky Force

An excellent shooter that reminds me of 1942. That classic scrolling shooter with tons to blow up and secrets to collect. The power-up system is classic.


Sky Force Reloaded

This game made itself even better improving from the classic. Even more levels, more graphics, more to collect, more to shoot and Open Feint integrated. An intense game and fun to play.



It plays like Geometry Wars, lots of modes and tons to shoot. It has great visuals, the smoothest frame rate of any game I’ve ever played, and a solid soundtrack to back the action. It’s free so check it out.


PewPew 2

The sequel to an amazing game with 7 modes, more ships, a campaign with 3 levels of difficulties and the return of evil shapes. Bosses have been added and the frame rate is still incredible.


Meteor Blitz

A polished game with an excellent physics engine. Graphics are beautiful, lots to shoot, great upgrades, and controls are fluid. Choose from two modes with multiple levels and difficulty.


Blue Defense: Second Wave

Finally Cat-in-the-box releases this gem for Android. One of the most creative shooters I have played with incredible detail and strategy.


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