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Shazam sets musical journey in motion

Sep 11, 2010

Thanks to the Internet, it seems we have thousands of ways to discover new music, bands and performers. Shazam is a welcome newcomer to the space, turning your Droid into a tool for capturing the new beats, melodies and lyrics that surround us, and then connecting us to information about the song.

Grab the free trial version, then prepare to go on a musical journey. (I knew all that “Rattle & Hum” viewing would pay off someday. Thanks, Bono and crew!)

When you hear a song you can’t identify during your favorite TV shows, webcasts or radio, click the Shazam logo and feed it 30 seconds of the track. The sample is uploaded to their servers, and a few seconds later a positive ID is presented. You’ve just tagged yourself a new song, and the name of the artists and the track are saved in your My Tags folder.

Every tagged track offers you the chance to buy an MP3 via Amazon, watch a YouTube video of the song, get tour information, view similar recommendations, and read the lyrics. Plus, links to Facebook and Twitter are included, along with biographical data, album reviews, the ability to share the track via SMS or email and ringtones.

That said, the Shazam free version offers a seven-day trial (too short) with all features turned on and unlimited tagging. Once your trial ends, the app goes overboard seeking payment to unlock all tools. Annoying.

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