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Share your files with Android app

Nov 9, 2010
Tech is an app for your Android phone that allows users to view, access and share files. However, this app isn’t exactly an innovative idea. There are many other apps in the marketplace just like it, and, in some cases, seems to come up short by comparison. But, let’s start with the positives.

In addition to what has been stated above, has some more-advanced features that include file versioning trash, which means this program allows you to find and restore files that have been deleted.

Files and folders can be shared through Bluetooth or via your phone’s text-based programs (like Gmail) as a hyperlink to a web page. Because these documents are sent as links, users are able to bypass the attachment size limitations of some email providers. will send a courtesy email notification to let users know when this shared link has been opened.

When you’re booting up for the first time, you’ll notice there are some very helpful tutorials that teach you how to use this software to its full potential. On that same note, this program might become a little less intimidating because these suggestions give you an idea of where and how to get started.

Now, onto some of the less-attractive qualities of To begin, I noticed this app tends to inexplicably crash fairly often. It provides just 1GB of free storage, and if you want more storage, you have to pay for it via monthly payment plans.

When you share files and folders with other people, it’s available as a read-only document. If you’re using this program for the purposes of project collaboration or to make edits to someone else’s work, this could throw a wrench in your operation. Perhaps an easy fix to this problem would be allowing the option to implement password-protected links? This is a feature that’s available on the app’s mother web program.

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The fact that users can’t create new folders is another huge flaw with this app.

If you already have a account, then this app might be a practical file-sharing solution for you. However, I’m hesitant to recommend this software when there are so many other similar apps on the market of higher quality.

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