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SFCave driver game is simple and addicting

Oct 5, 2010

SFCave for the Droid might be a driving game with a simple concept, but it’s not one that’s easy to beat. And it’s the challenge that makes the app so addicting.

SFCave’s basic graphics and clear goal make the app reminiscent of an old school arcade game. Navigate the blue line through a tight cave, doing your best to avoid any obstacles. Touch the screen to move up, and release to move down. Hit a wall, and the game is over.

Because it’s a single-button, easy-to-understand game, the app can be played by all ages. It’s also rewarding because your skills will improve noticeably as you spend more time with it.

As you progress through the cave, you might notice one frustrating setback. When veering into territory that has a lot of green space, the controls don’t always immediately respond when you need to change direction. And in a game that relies on quick-draw touch, this can be annoying.

Despite it’s cold graphic design and one minor glitch, SFCave is a fun, addicting app that can be recommend to people of all ages.

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