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Sex Offender Tracker helps you keep family safe

Nov 12, 2010

The folks at Life360 offer a suite of mobile apps to Sex Offender Tracker to its roster.

The app is clean, clear and does exactly what its name implies. As long as you’re in the United States, firing up the app will force you to create an account with Life360. Once logged in, a map of your local area appears.

Pinching and zooming will move the view closer and farther away. I was surprised to find an orange icon hovering over a home one neighborhood away from my location. Clicking on it brought up the name, physical description, list of charges (second-degree rape) and a mug shot of the offender.

Moving the map around, I found more than a dozen other offenders open for viewing, along with locations of police and fire stations in my area.

As you and your phone travel, you can set a refresh timer to automatically see offenders near you. Keeping this setting to the 15-minute default will save battery life.

Currently a free app, there’s no doubt parents and concerned citizens everywhere should download and install this program to be more aware of those around them.

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