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Set ’em up with 10001 Cocktails Android app

Nov 10, 2010

10001 Cocktails is an app that gives you tons of drink recipes on your Android phone at the flick of the thumb. It’s a great reference guide if you are the type of person who struggles to decide on a drink at the bar, or you’re constantly trying new things. However, I might not recommend this pocket guide for people who make their living tending bar.

A lot of drinks listed on the database have been submitted by other app users, which means that many of these recipes are probably not 100 percent accurate. (Think online encyclopedia Wikipedia.) If you take a look, you’ll find there are even several variations of the same drink. This is great for the sake of personal exploration, but it doesn’t work when consistency is an important factor, such as when you’re trying to run a business.

It’s also worth noting that while this app certainly has a lot of drinks, it’s also missing some of the more traditional ones.

While this might not work as a professional reference guide, it does have some significant social network value. There are more than 16,000 drink recipes, reviews and recommendations via 10001 Cocktails, many that have been submitted by users.

Browse by drink type (beer and ale, cocktails, non-alcoholic, punches and shots) or look at the alphabetical listing to find a drink that piques your interest, and then give it a try. Hit the “web” button beneath the description of the drink, and you’ll be taken to the app’s web site, where you can read what others have said about this drink. The “review” button, also found at the bottom of the screen, enables you to write your own review.

My favorite part of this app is that it allows you to save drinks. So, if you have a bunch of drinks you’d like to try next time you head out to the bar, or you’ve discovered a few new favorites and would like to continue to replicate them, this feature is a good way to do that.

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