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Scalado Album tops Android Apps of the Week

May 3, 2012

Long-time maker of mobile imaging software, Scalado released its first consumer app this year, with the intention of replacing your stock Android gallery. GammaPix also made a splash this week, with its controversial smartphone-turned-geiger counter, while TGI Friday’s leaves you hungry for a night out. LG also launched a mobile cloud app for Android users, competing with Google Drive on its own turf. (Free)

A mobile extension of the website, this new app delivers breaking soccer news, live scores and interviews. It’s a global network comprised of hundreds of reporters and dozens of publications, for a localized take on sports coverage no matter where you are. Available in 13 languages, the app features real-time news, automatic refreshes and offline support. Customize your dashboard to follow your teams of interest, and share the big stories across Facebook and Twitter.

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