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Samurai vs Zombie Defense tops Android Games of the Week

Mar 18, 2012

This week, Glu Mobile and Gameloft both released their latest freemium, IAP-driven games with Samurai vs Zombies Defense and Six-Guns respectively. Both are well made and quite fun, even if they lack depth or purpose. Bartender The Right Mix continued to be a popular and amusing distraction, and yet another Facebook style management game from Games Insight International was released, only to be downloaded and highly rated by thousands of people in an instant. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Highway Hobo (Free)

This is a technically unfinished game from BrainDeadApe Games. It’s only in the Alpha stage of development at the moment, so it’s really nowhere near completion, but despite that, I’m going to recommend people try it out. It’s a tilt-based game in which you control a hobo on a highway, and you must dodge oncoming traffic while also collecting booze as your official fuel. Sobering up or becoming a victim of manslaughter results in a game over. In its current form, it’s just an endless, “get as far as you can” kind of game, though there are in-game awards. The art is nice and the concept is quite amusing. It won’t hold your attention for long at all, but hopefully it will only get better with future updates.

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