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RVA app wakes you up with a random video

Oct 7, 2010

The Random Video Alarm app for Android is a lot like the basic alarm clock application that comes standard on most mobile devices. The only difference is that RVA allows users the option of playing videos when the alarm goes off.

On the app’s menu, set the alarm’s time, select a ring tone or vibrate mode, and customize the frequency of the alarm. From this menu, you can also select keywords and categories for the videos that interest you.

Later, when the alarm goes off, click either “snooze” or “dismiss.” If you press the snooze button, the alarm will be activated again in three minutes. If you click “dismiss,” the app will select and begin to play a random video on your phone. After the video is finished, you can browse for more videos. When you’re not using this app as an alarm, you can still use it as a basic video player.

The Random Video Alarm application effectively works in the same way as your existing phone alarm, and just as well, too. While it is a unique kind of alarm, in that it serves as a video player, I think this app might not have much widespread appeal, seeing that alarms are usually intended for pretty straight-forward, practical application. If you’re setting an alarm so you can make it to work on time, you might not have the time to sit in bed and watch a goofy video.

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