Run laps around the competition with these top Android racing games | Android Apps

Run laps around the competition with these top Android racing games

Jan 2, 2011

Start your engines, Android-carrying race fans! Whether you’re a road race fan, or prefer to get your speed on in the cockpit of a jet-powered boat, here’s a short list of solid, race-ready apps waiting for you in the Android marketplace.

I saved the very best for last. Designed to run on the newest Snapdragon-powered Android devices (EVO, Incredible, Droid X), EA’s Need for Speed Shift is the go-to racing app, putting you in the driver’s seat for a groundbreaking 28-state career mode.

The entire 3D racing experience is spot-on, with accelerometer controls that make nailing the turns easy, adding on-screen buttons for changing camera angles, braking, and more. As you progress through the career mode, you’ll earn money to unlock new cars, upgrades like slick tires and nitrous boost.

I find the hood view the best way to master the turns on most tracks. Be sure to click the camera button to find which view works best for your style of racing. Get your friends in on the action with local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, and you can all ooh and aah over this top-quality racing title for the Droid.

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