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May 10, 2012

Take a look at your monthly budget, and I’d bet a surprising portion goes towards eating out. Now it’s easier to save on the go, with’s Android app to search for local dining deals. Color for Facebook also made a splash this week with a Verizon team-up and a revamped video-sharing app that leverages the carrier’s 4G network. CNN is spreading its Android app lineup to include travel news on CNNGo, while Lowe’s offers up mobile design tips with its fresh Android app.

Facebook for Android app comes a noteworthy string of improvements to the Messenger app. The biggest change is the “read receipts” function, which lets you know when your sent message has been read. More location data has been incorporated into Facebook Messenger, as it’s displayed in-line as long as you have your current location enabled. Facebook’s struggling to keep up with the slew of group and chat apps that have invaded Google Play, trying to extend their network to the mobile realm with as many features as possible. Privacy remains an issue, however, as the “read receipts” cannot be turned off.

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