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Refresh your love for “Twilight” with Find It

Sep 26, 2010

Having “″ app_id=”287620” target=”_blank”>Find It: Twilight Saga Android app to play the classic “find the differences in the two photos” with photos of the three main characters in “The Twilight Saga”  – Bella, Edward and Jacob. Find the four differences in the seemingly matching photos before time runs out. You get three hints, but use them wisely because they are for the entire time you play, not just per photo.

I humorous voice reminds you to “Hurry up!” if you are taking too long. You can play with the sound on or off via an easy touch selection on the main menu. I made it to the third matching photo before I flunked out. I found it challenging and a fun way to pass a few idle minutes while waiting for supper to cook or the bus to arrive.

The goal is to earn the highest score over time, so challenge others in a pass and play challenge to see who has the better “Twilight” eye. If you really enjoy the game more than the photos, use the in-app link to discover more Find It apps in the Android marketplace.

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