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Reckless Racing 2 runs laps around the original

Apr 19, 2012

Polarbit’s long-anticipated sequel has finally arrived! After taking a detour in the series with From a visual standpoint, the game seems to lose a tiny bit of the charming off-road themes prevalent in the original, instead favoring green landscapes and paved roads. You’ll find that dirt-roads are still present, though less often this time around. The graphics themselves are detailed: dust kicks-up from beneath your car as it power slides into a corner.


Of course what is a racing game without cars? 18 detailed cars are on offer and all are fully customizable by the player. A number of of upgrades are available for each vehicle ranging from body-kits to engines, and these can be visually customized too. It’s a virtual garage in your pocket. You can then take your custom cars onto the road, selecting from 24 different routes.

With a number of options and game modes from which to choose, Polarbit’s sequel delivers on every front. If you love racing (heck, if you like games in general), I highly suggest you pick up this gem.

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