Real Time Traffic & Speed Cam allows you to plan your trips more efficiently

Nov 11, 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see where speed cameras are located so you can dodge them when you are speeding, or at least by-pass traffic jams? Real Time Traffic & Speed Cam allows you to do all from the palm of your hand.

Real Time Traffic & Speed Cam will search for your location on a map, and then displays the speed cams and traffic jams. With this information you can plan your trip more efficiently.

The app uses Google data, but also anonymous sourced data (from other app users) to display information on how heavy the traffic is. Real Time Traffic & Speed Cam will even warn you when you are nearing an accident or speed cam.

When you finish a trip, you can also export the data to share with your friends. The exported data is compatible with Google Maps/Earth. This ability to share the trip information – in real time – makes this app a powerful social commuter app.

I have used the app a few times in the last week and the collection of the data works amazingly. Unfortunately, in the Netherlands, there is no real data on how heavy traffic currently is, or whether there was an accident, therefore I wasn’t able to fully test the app. However, you can also navigate to other cities, so I tried some bigger US cities and there I was able to see real time, accurate traffic information.

Whether this app is able to replace Google Maps, which also shows you traffic information, I don’t know but it is a great start! Currently Google Maps/Navigation just offers a few more features which you might need when planning a road trip.

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