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Radiant Defense tops Android Games of the Week

Apr 22, 2012

We had some solid releases this week, including one rather unexpected development from a certain massive developer. A new, neon colored game of awesome was released by Hexage in Radiant Defense, their first tower defense title. Gameloft went ahead and released their first physics puzzler with cute animals… and it’s actually really good and original? Huh? A popular website got its own app released by EA, Gamevil launched an extremely buggy new action RPG, and more. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Zenonia. The upgrades and levels come faster, movement and attacks are quicker, and everything just has a speedier pace. The bosses are fairly brutal though, and the app does seem to push some IAP in your face. Unfortunately, a huge chunk of you readers won’t be able to try this one, as people are having start up issues on tons of different devices. Luckily it worked on my ancient Nexus One of all things. Otherwise, the game has nice music, pretty pixel art, and fast paced gameplay. I’ll recommend it to anyone who can actually get the thing working.

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