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Racing game Tiki Kart 3D is a lava minute

Jan 15, 2012

Tiki gods just wanna have fun. And, inside a volcano, go-cart racing apparently ranks high on the fun list. Tiki Kart 3D is a game that lets you pick a god, and drive his cart in a circuit of winner-take-all races. The setting, characters and mischief make the game a worthy download.

Choose your god from the initial screen (they all look like idols carved from wood come to life) and learn their carts’ special abilities, like extra boost when you ride over a spring. Then, you’re off to the races. The game provides practice runs before a race, so you can get familiar with the controls — touch the screen to accelerate, and tilt your device to steer. It’s worth using these tutorials, as you’ll race faster with a little experience, and finishing in the top positions of a race unlocks new courses.

As you might expect from Tiki idols, there’s a lot of hijinks on these highways. The other racers have weapons — like oil and rockets — that they’ll use against you. Fortunately, if you snatch pineapple power-ups during a race, you can also obtain these tools and things like power boosts that will slow other drivers and speed you up. The courses themselves include crazy loop-the-loops and other challenges, which turn the view temporarily upside down. A great tropical soundtrack keeps you bouncing along.

Racing-game fans and kids will enjoy this light-hearted romp with the gods. And, National Geographic explorers will be excited to learn what really goes on inside a volcano.

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