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Posterous Android app makes posting your status easy

Dec 21, 2010

Easy is good. Posterous for Android makes posting your status, thoughts, pictures and whatever else onto the web and out to the world very easy. If you like to keep notes or use social networks to update others about your life, it’s worth a look.

Perhaps the best thing about it – no registration or signup is required. The app even says the creators don’t like signing up for stuff either. So, without any registration, you can post messages or pictures to the web. Posterous assigns you a URL on its web site, and keeps all your posts there. It’s easy and fast. Seconds after downloading the app, you can make your first post.

If you do take the time to register, Posterous provides a free customized web site for your postings. It’ll have the URL “” Your friends, family or colleagues can then bookmark that site to get your status.

Posterous delivers a host of other features. If you enter your social network credentials – like Facebook and Twitter – Posterous will echo your postings to those sites, as well. Via the Posterous web site, you can also register new web domains and connect blogs you write. Posterous will even echo your posts as new blog entries.

Want help? The app offers tutorials to walk you through the details, but I doubt you’ll need them. You can adjust the quality of pictures and video postings if you want.

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