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Play these Android games when you have time on your hands

Nov 19, 2012

Most of the games listed are long; you can play for a while and come back to them. There were a few more, but these are the ones I found I enjoyed the most.

Crossworlds: the Flying City (Free)

Crossworlds: the Flying City is an interesting game. It is a cross between a hidden object and point-and-click adventure genres. Professor Dumbdore disappeared and his daughter Monica asks for your help to track him down. To do this you travel to four different worlds, solve puzzles, complete hidden object games to collect needed items and more. The story connects the different worlds together, but at times you can easily forget why you are there.

This is a free game but to you can only play so much of the story. To finish the full game/storyline, you will need to complete an in-app purchase. The graphics are quite nice in the game but at times the text seemed a bit small on my phone’s screen. After you play for a while, you earn some credits you can use to skip a puzzle if needed. The game comes with the option to have multiple profiles so you can let your kids, siblings, or friends have their own game if needed.

If you are looking for games to play on a daily basis or ones that can be easily put down and picked back up, I suggest you check out these Android games. Do you have any others you would add to this list?

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