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Platforming shooter Project 83113 is locked and loaded

Jul 9, 2012

Project 83113 places you in the shoes of a four-pawed feline named Belle (code named Project 83113). While there’s something disarming about cutesy creatures strapped with guns, Project 83113 packs enough heat and should not be underestimated.

Developers NCsoft, combines two popular genres on mobile games and spit out something that’s actually intuitive and unique. Platforming and shooters by themselves are a mixed bag due to developers shoehorning on screen D-pad/analog sticks and buttons. Combining these two would be a total nightmare. Yet NCsoft hit gold by crafting their controls around the touchscreen instead of forcing ugly touch controls.

Controlling Belle is extremely easy. Similar to free running games, Belle will continue to run across the screen and responds to a combination of wipes, taps and slides. Swipe up and Belle will jump, swipe down to slide. Advanced controls are just as simple: swipe up to jump then swipe right again to perform an air dash. As you progress throughout the game, Belle will acquire a handful of additional moves that add to her already-large nimble vocabulary.

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Did I mention that Belle tots around a gun in each one of her four hands? As you’ll notice throughout the game, Belle seems to have no problems pulling the trigger. As you navigate Belle through the stage, robotic enemies will attempt to swarm her or drown her in gunfire. While allowing Belle to shoot automatically may sound like a terrible idea, it fits perfectly into the gameplay. There are plenty of enemies and you’ll often find the a hail of bullets on-screen plus hazardous beams. By placing shooting backstage, you can focus on navigating Belle through the also-difficult platforming. If this loss of control is too much for you, you can handle some aspect of Belle’s offensive attacks as simply as tapping the screen. Additionally, players will be able to customize Belle’s loadout for stronger weapons.

Aside from the overly simple story (kill enemies, gain freedom), there isn’t much to stop you from installing Project 83113 right this instant. Its graphics may not be console standard, but if you’ve got a foundation of great gameplay, it’s not so much of an issue. As of this writing, Project 83113 is free for a limited time. If you’re looking for an action-packed mobile game, without the headache of touch controls, join the ranks of Project 83113.

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