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Photoshop leads Android Apps of the Week

Mar 8, 2013

Photoshop, March Madness, and easier social networking are the focal points of our favorite apps this week. The extremely popular image editor, Adobe Photoshop, has finally been made pocket sized for all of our convenience, and is our top app of the week. We’ve also got an update to ESPN Bracket bound, plus a social networking launcher, an app for creating online photo albums, and even a brand new kind of caller ID, also with a social networking focus.

Photoshop Touch for phone ($4.99)

Finally making its way from tablets to good old fashioned pocket sized phones, any Android user can now use one of the most popular and famous image editing tools around. It’s understandably a bit more limited than even the tablet version, let alone the full computer version, but the things you can pull off with this app and the awesome images you can create are still pretty incredibly. It was designed with touch interface in mind, and isn’t just a blatant port of the computer app. What’s really cool is the Adobe Creative Cloud, letting you start projects on your computer and then finish on your phone, or vice versa. Definitely a great app for professional photographers and artists alike.

Thread (Free)

Thread from Sprezzat is essentially a “cheat sheet” for the overactive social butterfly who always meets so many new people that they can’t even keep them straight. Sometimes a name and number isn’t enough to jog your memory, so in comes Thread, bringing things like emails, tweets, and Facebook posts up as part of your caller ID, providing you with a bit more context as to who someone is. This is, of course, great for business people or anyone else who can’t afford to forget who the heck they’re talking to actually is. It’s also great for responding to people in general, bringing all those social networks and emails to one easy to find location.

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Also on Android Apps

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SO.HO (Free)

More and more on Android, we’re seeing apps that are trying to make app navigation as absurdly easy as possible. Last week we had the Sulia Quick Launch, and this week we have SO.HO, or the SOHO Social Launcher, in the same vein. Focused more on social networking than anything, this brings your Facebook and Twitter feeds straight to your device’s home screen, letting you interact with others without ever leaving your home screen. If you prefer the full featured versions of these apps, SO.HO will act as a quick launcher too. Anyone who pulls their phone out to check Facebook nine times in every ten second span should definitely download this one.

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