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Nutrition Missionary

Feb 11, 2011

I’m a certified nutrition educator and I wanted to see what is out there for counting calories – and more importantly – calculating nutrition – and if there’s anything good!

Healing Power Of Foods

This app is US$4.99 and is a well-informed approach to supporting the healing of various health issues with the power of traditional foods.


Diet Assistant Pro-Weight Loss

This app is US$1.92 and has many features to help improve eating and support an increase in health. It has nutrition facts, diet plans, weight and BMI charts, built-in shopping/grocery list, and you can use it to chart your progress over time!


Nutrition & Vitamin Study Aid

This is an app for nutrition students, it has 500 terms and definitions and great learning tools like quizzes. I found it really useful in nutrition school.


Vegetables and Legumes

This is a great app for identifying veggies and legumes and tells you how to cook them and what their flavor is. It would be nice to see some nutritional information too – but it’s also nice to learn about other aspects of food as well.



This is a free location based app that uses GPS to help you find nutritional information for food located near you. Great tool to assist in making good choices for your health!


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