Nielsen data runs down app popularity by age, Facebook leads list | Android Apps

Nielsen data runs down app popularity by age, Facebook leads list

Dec 13, 2011

Words With Friends over Angry Birds, according to Nielsen.

The Amazon Appstore also had a fair ranking among all age groups, although the older the Android user, the more popular Amazon’s alternative to Google’s model became. Among 18-24-year-olds, Amazon’s Appstore was used among 14 during the previous month among 14 percent of users; it hit 22 percent among the 25-34 crowd; and got as high as 24 percent among the 35-44 crowd. Amazon routinely offers daily free apps on its app store, but it seems that gimmick might not be having such a big impact among Android users. Or they could be accessing the store more from their computers than their Android devices.

All the results suggest different priorities among different age groups, and preferences for different kinds of apps. But among all three groups, it’s clear that Google’s apps have the biggest impact, outside of Facebook, that is. No matter where any of us go, it seems we all want to be able to look at photos of our friends and family and update our statuses.

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