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New Android smartphone for Christmas? Download these apps first

Dec 15, 2011

Just got a shiny new Android smartphone? Lucky you. There is a wealth of great apps out there in addition to the ones that may already be pre-installed on your device. Instead of scouring your way through the millions of apps in the Android Market, here are ten handy ones to get you started from a variety of different categories.

ASTRO File Manager

This one’s a little more complicated, but if your phone didn’t come with a way to access its file system, it could come in handy. ASTRO makes it easy to view and move the files that sit on your new device, especially on your built-in storage. Some apps leave data behind even when uninstalled, so zap that with the help of ASTRO. As an added bonus, ASTRO can backup your apps and also acts as a task manager so you can see which apps are running and possibly draining battery life.

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