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New Android Opera browsers offer simplicity and smoothness

Mar 24, 2011

Opera Mini were just updated for the Android platform. After trying both, I’ve discovered that it’s their simplicity that makes them so efficient.

The layout of the home screen for the Opera browser is key. It allows for heavy customization and the icons appear across your display in a simple grid format. With Opera, there is no need to click through tabs in order to get to your favorites. There is also a sharing feature that allows you to post a web page via Twitter or Facebook, all with a simple click from the browser window.

Opera Mobile and Opera Mini are basically the same as far as browsing capabilities go. Both offer similar features and share the same format for browsing. What separates the two browsers is speed. Opera Mini is designed to work on cell phones using slower networks, while Opera Mobile is designed to accommodate those on current 3G and 4G networks. Also, Opera Mobile now offers full Flash support and provides a smooth quality media streaming experience.

Opera has enhanced its browsers’ pinch-to-zoom features too. Originally, you could only zoom in under pre-set levels engineered by Opera itself. With the new updates, Opera lets you magnify web pages even closer or zoom-out farther than ever before.

Overall, Opera has made some substantial updates to their web browsing system. The developers have taken their simple browser model and offered greater freedom for their users. With so many other Android browsers out there, it’s great that Opera are still using their full capabilities to create a web environment that takes into account ever-changing connection speeds and the wide range of Android devices available.

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