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New Android apps worth downloading: Zagat update, LiveHive, Freak Tower

Jul 30, 2013

Find a great restaurant to enjoy this week with the help of Zagat, the trusted restaurant guide app. It just got a big update that adds a revamped user interface, among other handy features. We’ve also got LiveHive, a productivity app that makes it easy for teams of coworkers to stay coordinated and share files from various sources with one another. Finally, Freak Tower is a management simulation game in which players construct the tallest tower they can, and then defend it from giant monsters.

Zagat update (Free)

What’s it about? Restaurant guide app Zagat brings users information about restaurants in several different cities, providing information about where you should eat, how good the food is, how much it costs and more.

What’s cool? Zagat is a well-known and trusted name in restaurant guides. For years, it was available only in print, but with the rise of mobile apps, you can now get Zagat restaurant information instantly, no matter where you plan to eat. The app includes expert restaurant reviews and ratings, as well as recommendations for where to eat for any occasion, and some powerful search capabilities. Zagat’s latest update has reworked the app’s user interface with a new look, adds the ability to look at menus before you head out to various restaurants, and provides lots of articles to read as well as rating info.

Who’s it for? Zagat currently supports nine major U.S. cities, so be sure your city is supported if you’re looking for reliable ratings on restaurants.

What’s it like? Both Yelp and YP Local Search & Gas are great for getting local ratings on businesses, including restaurants.

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LiveHive (Free)

What’s it about? LiveHive is a productivity app that helps coworkers stay in sync, providing the ability to team members and managers to see how far along each person is and share documents and files.

What’s cool? LiveHive is all about keeping you and your coworkers informed. The app allows teams to create common workspaces for various projects, allowing one user to share important documents from sources such as Google Docs, while another updates the “Activity Stream” that lets team members see how far along everything is. LiveHive also includes the ability for managers to choose who can see what in the app, and provides extras like the ability to share info across social networks as well. The app provides three free workspaces for users to manage and share among coworkers.

Who’s it for? LiveHive is great for employees looking to keep members of a team organized.

What’s it like? You might also try Google Docs and Dropbox for coordinating and sharing various files and documents.

Freak Tower (Free)

What’s it about? Create and manage a tower filled with residents who live and work within the confines of the building in Freak Tower – but beware of the attacking giant monsters that you’ll have to ward off from time to time.

What’s cool? Freak Tower is a simulation title, so it’s primarily concerned with building and maintaining the “tower” part of the title. Players add rooms, install businesses, attract new residents and assign those residents jobs in hopes of earning more money and other resources and further expanding their tower. In addition to managing businesses such as seedy night clubs and used car dealerships, however, you’ll also have to help defend your tower from attacking monsters bent on destroying it. Keeping your citizens healthy will result in them helping out in your tower’s defense, and you can raise your own monster to stand as a defender against various creatures.

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Who’s it for? Players who enjoy simulation titles with a bit of a humorous twist should cehck out Freak Tower.

What’s it like? Check out Tiny Tower and Sky Burger for more management action.

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